Visualize your office before you invest with Office Space Planning

When it comes to offices, furnishings and storage, we know space is at a premium. With The Furniture X-Change’s office space planning and commercial office design services, it’s easy. Whether you’re planning a new office or restack, need reconfiguration of an existing office or need to integrate existing systems with new, our team of project managers will craft the perfect solution for you. We’ll coordinate your entire furniture space planning project from initial concept to design implementation.

TFX offers office space planning analysis, and layout and design services to ensure highly functioning, efficiently organized and professional work environment consistent with your corporate image. Our project managers are experts at Value Engineering – using the right products in the right place to give you the right solution at the right price. We’ll create an overall floor plan to show your workflow and how to best maximize your space.

Contact us today to learn how our furniture space planning expertise can make your project a success.