Is It Time for Office Space Design?

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Although the prospect of office space design may sound unexciting to some, any business owner would like chance to increase productivity.  Corporate office design is actually an integral part of creating a successful office – especially office furniture.

The Best Furniture for Successful Office Layouts

Choosing the right furniture is more than asking the question, “how do I decorate my office?” It’s more than just going shopping and picking out some pieces that catch your eyes. It’s about finding something functional for your type of business, considering the workflow and employee satisfaction, and of course, finding the best prices. After all, if you’re just starting up your business, office layouts usually require some major purchases.  You don’t want to find yourself in the position of buying office furniture and then realizing it doesn’t work. Remember:

  • Office furniture and corporate office design can dictate whether office layouts are conducive to collaboration or individual work
  • It creates the atmosphere for your office. Certain furniture is better for creative employees and others might be better for sales people
  • Comfort is crucial. If your employees are not comfortable, their productivity will suffer
  • Your office space design determines how many employees fit in your office.

Three Steps to Finding your Furniture Style

Because furniture is such an important part of creating successful office layouts, the options are endless.  But how do you know what’s right for you? Consider these three simple steps when starting your office space design:

Step 1: Think about your business culture 

The first step of successful corporate office design is to think of the type of atmosphere or culture you’d like to create. Would you prefer an open layout for increased collaboration or a more closed setting conducive to individual work? Chances are, you’ll need a combination of both. Make sure that your furniture sets the tone your business type. If you’re a design firm that thrives on creativity, bright bold colors may be the best option for you. If you’re an accounting firm with visiting clients, something more neutral and conservative may be the route for you.

Step 2: Consider buying used office furniture

When you’re planning your office space design, you have the choice of buying new or used furniture. They vary in price, selection and warranties. If you go with new furniture, you may find the latest colors and sizes, but it’ll cost 30 to 80 percent more than recycled furniture. Working with a used commercial office furniture expert like The Furniture X-Change (TFX) in NJ can help you with the process. While new furniture models and styles are constantly being manufactured and sold, you can do your part for the environment by looking into recycled office furniture. Companies that choose to update their offices with newer pieces usually leave behind gems that are landfill bound – which is never good for our environment but can be great for you.

Step 3: If you want to buy used furniture, find a professional dealer

You can buy used furniture either through a dealer or through a broker. A dealer like TFX, is typically an established business that has a showroom for you see the furniture and a warehouse full of options. There is usually a good selection of choices and the dealer is on-hand to answer your questions.

Again, remember that office layouts can have a direct effect on your employees, so be sure to consider their needs as part of the process. While the purchase decision is ultimately yours, it’s important to really put thought into the furniture— considering form and function.