Are You in Need of Office Space Planning?

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Is your business in the process of expanding, downsizing or reorganizing?  Or is your workspace simply not working for your employees? If your office furniture arrangement or commercial office floor plans aren’t cutting it, it may be time for a change of office scenery.

Look around your office.  What doesn’t flow?

We all want a working environment that looks and feels great, but sometimes the funds just aren’t available to spruce things up.  While you may seek to avoid the investment in increased space or new furnishings, working with your existing office furniture arrangement can do wonders for office space planning and work flow.

Increase Workstation Efficiency

When it comes to commercial office floor plans, it’s best to start by observing staff and visitor flows to get a good idea of areas of high traffic and acoustic issues. Look at the layout of workstations. Cramming staff into a small space is often counter-productive, so if new space has been made available through a new office furniture layout,

make sure the space is getting used wisely, taking advantage of natural light sources and power sources to keep infrastructure issues to a minimum.  Then, make sure your workstations are situated in the best possible layout with adequate space between them to optimize the working environment.

Create Breakout Areas

Face-to-face meetings give department heads the opportunity to brief employees or getting team leaders to motivate staff. Use your newfound office space for ‘breakout’ areas or meeting spaces for this purpose. This will reduce the use of internal emailing and encourage collaboration.

Hide Wires

It’s difficult to have a high-functioning office without a bunch of unsightly wires communication cables and unsightly wires.  For good office space planning, run wires behind walls or above suspended ceilings.  Not only will this make for a better-looking environment, it will be safer, too. 

Reduce overhead

If your business is in a period of consolidation or reorganization, one way to reduce overhead during this time has been the practice of merging locations. Finding a new building can be expensive. Good commercial office floor plans will use innovative ways of merging the two parts of the business. Structural expansion, such as cubicles or partitions may also be necessary. 

Hire a commercial office space planning company

If you think your company is in need of commercial office floor plans or office furniture layout, you may want to hire a professional.  Furniture dealers like The Furniture X-Change (TFX) in New Jersey will offer an initial consultation to advise on the process.

The office furniture layout and workspace process will start with an examination of existing practices and of the future needs of the business. Plans and three-dimensional visuals can then be created to with potential design options, along with a breakdown of costs and timescales.  Most commercial space planners will also take on any landlord liaison and deal directly with the local planning office.   All that is left for you to do is plan the increased productivity the well-planned office will provide.