Help Save the Environment with Recycled Office Furniture

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Whether you run a home-based company or a Fortune 500, operating an environmentally friendly business is not only good for the earth, it can actually save you money. But what can you do to go green at work? Purchasing used commercial office furniture is just one way you can help protect the environment. Just take a moment and consider the real-world benefits of buying recycled office furniture.

Top Benefits of Used or Remanufactured Office Furniture

Reduce carbon footprint

Chances are, there are plenty of dealers in your region that sell recycled office furniture.  When you buy used commercial office furniture from a professional business like The Furniture X-Change  (TFX) in New Jersey, you reduce the carbon (fuel consumption) footprint of your furniture purchases. Do your part by working with a dealer whose warehouses are only 50 to 100 miles away, versus 1,000.

Boost staff morale

Surveys have found that, most employees care about protecting the environment. In fact, a public opinion survey conducted by Harris Interactive National Quorum found that 63 percent of full-time workers believe a company’s impact on the environment is vital when evaluating a new workplace. Working for an employer that makes eco-friendly choices can make employees feel even more positive about the work they do.

Customers care

The same Harris Interactive poll found that more than 60 percent of U.S. adults are either equally as likely or more likely to visit a business that focuses on being green. In other words, customers will be more likely to do business with you if you have a focus on out earth-friendly, sustainable solutions. And more clients means more profits!

The landfill effect

When you buy remanufactured office furniture made from materials or products that are good for the environment, you can make a difference at the landfill immediately. And considering that the EPA estimates that businesses discard approximately 3 million tons of furniture and furnishings per year into landfills – at a cost of over $100 million – that’s an important difference to make! 

Save time and money

Recycled office furniture varies from very high-end to quite affordable. Savings from purchasing used office furniture can range from 30 to 80 percent, compared to buying new furniture. A workspace expert like TFX knows the ins and outs of used commercial office furniture and can help you with the process. After all, you probably have better things to do with your time than research which furniture is made of products that are good for the environment. A professional can save you time and money by providing affordable eco-friendly choices that will still meet your standards for functionality, longevity and comfort.

While new furniture models and styles are constantly being manufactured and sold, you can do your part for the environment by looking into recycled office furniture. Companies that choose to update their offices with newer pieces usually leave behind gems that are junkyard bound – which is never good for our earth, but can be great for you. In the world of remanufactured office furniture, what’s good for you can be good for the environment too!